Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

At Allen German Shepherds, we raise our shepherds on a spacious 19 acre ranch with plenty of woods ,nature, ponds,horses and great socialization tools that will help your new family member to be ready for life in any venue of your choosing. Since socialization begins at birth, we believe in the importance of exposing your pup to a setting like ours .And in our opinion this is unmatched by rural breeders. We understand & believe this and so we prepare your pack AGS in many proven ways that will only enrich the lives of the family and the new shepherd, as they mature and become more prepared for their permanent  environment we know from are many years of breeding you are going to be blessed .  Our roots are the  family, but we have been called by many as the top kennel in SC that offers family champion pets to all American Patriot's. We are known as  being trustworthy, dependable, steadfast and go beyond most in ensuring and keeping our commitments and we have been for years and will continue to grow in knowledge of the shepherd and how to ultimately breed for the best shepherd for you. This is a security  many can not offer and since we are in fact a respectable kennel as well as a family run & operated kennel, our means to provide your puppy with a promising future is not just words-but is backed up by evidence from years of providing families -just like yours, horse ranches, military men & women, police officers, rehabilitation services and many others with their AGS!
We have had customers from the North,South,East and west of United States as well as multiple repeat customers and all have been very pleased and considered their AGS to be an exceptional addition. Our families have confessed to their pets intelligence and quickness in learning. And all have been impressed with their instinct to protect and their devotion & loyalty to those they love & who love them. Our shepherds are not bred to be "just another dog" but to be the best quality dog (in pedigree and appearance)  you can buy and at an affordable price. We breed not only to do our part in improving the breed of German Shepherd but it would be very foolish of me & also a lie to say I'm not doing this to earn a living for my family as well. This is what we do and we do it as a family. All are involved in someway whether great or small we do it together and are successful in our efforts. Please check out just a few of AGS Testimony's on that page and God bless you for your Interest. We do what we Do for the Love of Both Shepherds .
Imitation is the best form of flattery.