Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

Abel is a 100 lb Massive Male with a huge head and very Strong Bone and Massive mussel and he is a Man's Dream for a Shepherd , He has Great drive and was evaluated by a Sch trainer that said he could do about what ever he desired in the field of Sch Work from his Evaluation . He has high ball drive and also a great Temperament and Learns very fast! he Tree has some of the best in the World like his Great grad fathers  
VA6 Nando vom Gollerweiher SCHH3

V Rico vom Altenberger Land SCHH3, ED-NORMAL

V Baru von Haus Yü SCHH3  And his Great Great Grandfathers !
VA1(ESP) V12 Yello vom St.-Michaels-Berg SCHH3

V Rocky vom Haus Tepferd SCHH3

VA1 Zamp vom Thermodos SCHH3

VA6 Nando vom Gollerweiher SCHH3

  ( If you are Looking for The Mans Dog , He is it)

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Millie is a Daughter of our Imports Roc/ Minnie , She was pick female from a paring we produced and she is a TOP TOP upcoming Star at AGS. Millie is 80lb and very Strong , Energetic and driven with Med high Drive . She is Black and Red with Great Color and Pigment . Her Face is a Blacker Face and this paring will be one of Abel's Top paring in 2021. Millie's Data will be in the database when we get New Pics this spring in a phot shot we have planned .
Her Sire :Zeus Z Azovskigo Berega 
Her Dam:Minnie Boghaus  
These are Pics of Millie Pregnant , After pups are born I will get New Pics for her Album.  

Millie Von Allen About a week and a Half before Pups are Due to be Born .