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"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "


Quotes We have purchased three German Shepherd puppies from Eddy. As everyone else has stated we could not be happier. He is a very knowledgeable breeder. He truly cares about his dogs. We also get tons of compliments when were out at how beautiful Harley is and yes people have asked to take pictures . Very intelligent as well wonderful addition to our family. We traveled for our last pup from Buffalo n.y. It was so worth the trip.i am looking forward to starting my own breeding sometime next year. I am very excited and forward to do do. I give Eddy a 10/10 for sure. Quotes
Cheryl R
Amazing dog breeder

Quotes My husband and I purchased a GSD from Allen's German Shepherds as a wedding present to each other. After researching GSD for over a year I saw a previous customer's GSD from Allen's German Shepherds and knew that I had to get a puppy from him. Mr. Allen was fantastic! He was very easy to get in touch with, he definitely communicates with you throughout the process of reserving and getting the puppy. Our puppy has been a great addition to our new family. Our vet was very impressed with his health, he was also impressed with his size. He said our puppy is on track to be the biggest GSD he has ever seen! We get stopped wherever we go asking about our puppy and people telling us how beautiful he is. Our puppy has been extremely easy, very easy to train, he loves the water, other people, and other dogs. If we ever were to get another dog I would not hesitate getting one from the Allen's. Thank you! Quotes
Alyssa Sale
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I have had German Shepherds for over 50 years , and I have to let you know getting my pup Atlas from you has been a wise choice on my part . He has been a fantastic puppy , now 5 months old . His disposition is the best , he is fearless and has since a shown guard dog abilities . He is smart as a whip , and easy to train . His beauty is beyond words , people actually stop me to ask if they can take a picture of him and he poses like a movie star. Lol ! His sense of smell and hearing is leading me to think about search and rescue ... Don't know if I can do it but he is amazing and would be a natural . But most important is his temperament not once has this dog ever growled or showed agression he is my baby and such a part of my family . Thank you for doing such a great breeding . Quotes
Theresa Clement

Quotes I purchased a male puppy from the October litter 2015 from Abner/ Lady litter.. For my husband,as we love Shepherds and it's been a long time since we owned one... Max is awesome... He loves my husband to death.. He loves the neighborhood kids.. He's always there.. He doesn't miss a minute of anything... I wish we could get a female, but Max is a handful of attention.. Max and my husband are inseparable.. I give Max a 。,10 star rating for my family.... Quotes
Jeff and Elizabeth Blackwell

Quotes Purchasing our GSD from Allen's German Shepherds was one of my greatest decisions. Luke is a "wonderful" addition to our family. He is "great" with people, and loves children. He is friendly with everyone and protective when the time comes for that too. I love his temperament and his personality...BOY, doesn't he have a "personality." I also love the fact that every time I've had a question or concern, Eddie was able to help me or point me in the right direction. I would recommend Allen's German Shepherds any day!!! Quotes
Michael Sinclair
Luke's Dad

Quotes We purchased a male pup out of a litter from Abner and Xaba. My intentions where to start Schutzhund training and started entertaining Confirmation. I got in contact with several people in the confirmation world and two of which looked at his pedigree both people had high praise for his pedigree one sent it off to an SV judge who responded very highly. With this information I was even more pleased, because I knew I had already gotten a great dog! Eddie was very helpful through the whole process and continues to be. We are currently working on getting our BH title which looks very good with several high remarks. Several people have commented on how handsome he looks and his temperament. My family and I are very pleased with our pup and how helpful Eddie has been. From the Mann family thank you Eddie for a great GSD J.L.Mann Quotes

Quotes Wesley Hammer ? 5 star We've had Deuce 2½ years. He has been a great addition to our family. He is very playful with the kids however is is very protective (which I like). Physically sound and perfect temperament... Thanks for a great black/red GSD. Quotes
Wesley Hammer

Quotes Elizabeth Grimmitt Wenghofer ? 5 star We are privileged to own one of their females and she has been such a blessing to our family!! She is beautiful and smart!! The Allen's have been so supportive and helpful and we would recommend them to anyone looking for a German Shepherd to add to their family Quotes
Elizabeth Grimmitt Wenghofer

Quotes Amy Buccilla ? 5 star We are now three day owners of a 6 week old Von Allen Haus puppy. In just 3 days, he has behaved amazingly. No accidents & is already getting the hang of crate training without whining. He plays long and hard with his toys then loves to take naps after. At his first vet visit today, the vet said, "His health & demeanor is stunning. You guys must have gotten him from a great breeder." We couldn't agree more. The Allen family has been amazing throughout this whole process & I would 100% recommend them to anyone wanting an amazing GSD. Quotes
Amy Buccilla

Quotes Max is 10 months old as of Dec 25th. He was 101 lbs about 3 weeks ago. And like a 260lb linebacker when he hits you running. Trust me..... He is cautious of every new face, way more so if the kids are here, but once he determines there is no threat, he will love on a new acquaintance like one of the family. Other than Me Amanda and the kids, all will have to go through the same process each time, no matter how many or how much time he has spent with them. That's just his process, and I am totally good with it. Being a previous GSD owners, & being around many others over the years. Military, police, and civilian. I can say that Max's demeanor, patience (as it pertains to the kids, other dogs, even me sometmes) attitude, and most of all, his conscience, are bred not taught. He is getting basic training currently, but all the complements we get, and it's a lot, are all directed back to you guys. I have said in many posts how much we love him, Abner & Isabel. I just hope the Quotes
Greg Cole
Max _Abner / Isabel Son