Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

Here at Allen German Shepherds we allow people to reserve for future breedings year round. This helps you, the customer.
It also allows you the option and availability to choose the breeding you get a puppy from and to get a better spot if you so choose.
Options do vary so keep a look out for our upcoming stars from AGS .
Also keep in mind, that we do retire shepherds from time to time only to approved top homes .
retirement and sales of some AGS stock may happen due to reasoning best for our program, this is one reason Breedings we may have planned could change. until breedings are confirmed we do not move people from early reservation into a chosen breeding.
Sometimes things do happen out of our control that could hinder us from breeding a dam or sire of your choice as well.
Facebook is a great place for updated info and our website is also a good place to see planned breedings . 

Another thing, we will do everything in our power to have this process complete in a reasonable time frame for all.
Things beyond our control can happen; such as dams not taking in a breeding, and/or loss of a Litter and so on... but this is rare .

Note :
If you are desiring a pup with a special request; wanting only a long coat just as a example , or a pup from a certain pairing as another example, the wait time could be out of our control because of your specific requests as well as other factors listed on this website . There are many factors that can cause the waiting time to extend past what we believe is a timely amount. One more example being : If we offer you a breeding and you keep refusing what is offered/available to you, then you are extending your wait time, so please keep this in mind before entering this department.
We have no issue being sure our customers receive a pup they desire as long as you stay in our outlined conduct of business on this website. We do have this website as a record of our bond & word to our customers. Our conduct of business in policies and so forth throughout this website are written down for you to read in great detail so you know the conduct of our business practices .
We never want our customers to not know what we believe, how we will do business etc... because transparency is very important to us. Honesty and integrity are as well .
Our word is our bond, but the twisting of words is of the serpent-not US!
We note each customers requests and preferences because our desire is to get you the right Shepherd .
Please read over our standards and educate yourself before getting in Early Reservations. Our standards of breeding stock across the board are pretty much all the same in type, color, temperament, drive , coat, bone, structure and so on but we still happily note your desires as well because in any program there are some variances in progeny from time to time, but in any good quality breeding program it should not be to extreme variances . 
Also keep in mind when looking at our breeding stock across the board what progeny is being Produced at AGS .
Most of our stock in each litter will in appearance look all alike from each litter. No mixed color coats as in white pups, black, b/r, b/t, livers in the same litter.

 If we have you in a breeding and spot and things beyond our control occur, you could be placed back in this department until you choose a new litter of your choice.
Once you deposit with us we will get you a pup from a breeding of your choice and will do it to the best of our ability... because that is our #1 goal.
Most first pick spots are only sold with full AKC registration. 2nd pick back spots in most cases have the option of limited or full AKC registration but at a different price depending on which registration type you choose.


Note : Prices Vary on All Breeding , We do send out info through Text on Average Prices to Serious inquires . These Prices are for our Normal Stock and Parings . All Customers that are approved for Early Reservation before Moving onto a Breeding of there choice will agree to Sale Price .

Victor is Apart our Signature Onyx Lines) 
Kaiser Is apart of Our Signature Giant German Shepherd Lines)

Victors Onyx Progeny is Different Pricing from Average Pricing so Refer to his Stud Page or Contact us .
Kaisers Progeny Giant GS Lines Pricing is Different From Average Pricing So Refer to there Stud Pages for info or Contact us .    
Once a customer has chosen a breeding and has been placed in that breeding & spot, you cannot be moved unless AGS agrees
 deposits are $250 for limited reg. and $500 for full Reg.

***Absolutely NO refunds on Any Moneys !!!!

"The Only Required Amount to get in Early is the Deposit !

All other Moneys Paid will be Allowed to Help you the customer ,Yet is not required!
Our Preferred way to pay Balance is at pickup , if you Pay more than required to help you beware that we have a No - Refund of Any Moneys for any Reason .

For more information on reserving pups go to "Contact Info.
 Thank You!!! 

NOTE** Early Reservation is for breeding's that have not taken place as of yet. Keep that in mind, as well as the time you could have to wait to fulfill your puppy request. (as discussed above)

Attention!!  From Time to Time we do Import Dams already Bred and Sale their pups at a different price. All imported pups are sold fully registered in most cases.
Sometimes we import older German Shepherds as well .
However, This Early Reservations Department is for Allen German Shepherds we have already in state, in our kennel, or on our website breedings .
This Early Reservations Department is NOT for pups we are importing or older shepherds being imported .
( Contact By Text For more Details on Import Department Reservations, Or Go to that Page to Read More )   

Don't Forget!  ALL Inquirers please text to cell phone 1-803-729-9780 instead of e-mail. OR message us on Facebook. If you e-mail to our Website area we may not get back to you quickly enough. THANK YOU!
Something else to remember is our  "Early  Reservation"  customers do get better options on spots as long as they're willing to wait for their desired Spot and Litter 

Waiting in this department could be as long as 6 months to 1 year or Longer depending on your request or things beyond our Control .
but we do not want customers in this department longer than a year if possible .

**Very important-please note: If you put a deposit down for the purchase of two or more shepherds, you must buy that amount of puppies or forfeit additional deposits. Deposits are for the purpose of holding puppy spots. If you later decide to get only 1 shepherd, the additional deposits you put down will be forfeited on that spot or spots, not added to the final cost of the one puppy.

ATTENTION BUYERS!!! If you're in this department for over a year at
no fault of AGS and you have been
 offered multiple reasonable & respectable offers that would've fulfilled your requests for example; the type of puppy you requested & discussed at the initial approval for getting into this department including but not limited to breeding, color, gender could very well be removed.
Note: With All Approved AGS Customers we always Note Your Request with your account .We Keep All Records Either Sent to Us By Phone, Text , Or e-mails or Facebook Messenger to Assure all is done as Requested .
Note : Before Removal of Anyone From this Department we Will Send out a notification to info on File in your account such as Phone Text, e-mail , Facebook Messenger if provided and Give (All) Customers 72 Hrs to Respond Before Removal .
Note : This is Only Enforced As Written Above to assure that others desiring to get in this Department can do so in a reasonable time frame . If there is Communication With AGS, in most cases Customers will not be removed but Communication is very Critical & a MUST if you desire to stay on this List for over a year . Customers that have Changed their minds and never intend on Getting a Puppy Should not hinder others desiring to get in this department. We Limit 35 People at one time in this department. we truly are not being unreasonable and we will work with people that communicate because our desire is to provide all Customers with their request . 
BE AWARE!!  NO deposits are refundable   

If Dams have no more Than one Pup, that one pup will be sold as the first pick, a fully registered spot unless AGS chooses the Option to sale the First pick Spot as a Limited Sale. We reserve this right only to limit a First pick spot .We do not Move Customers from the Early Reservation Department to a Breeding of their Choice until pups are born so no one is forced into sales. Once you move from this department (erd) to a breeding its final so be sure you understand before saying yes to moving. Ty.   

Early Reservation Customers Below   

(1)Reiner First pick Male 
(2)Moloney (1st pick Female)
(3)anderson (1st Pick Female)
(4)Godwin (1st Male)
(5)Lockman(2nd Female)
(6)BurkHart(1st Pick Male)
(7)Roberts (2nd Back Male)
(8)Booth (1st Pick Female or Male)
(9)Mcutchen(2nd Back Male)

(10)Frye (2nd Back Male )

(11)Silvey (2nd Back Male)
(12) Brenser ( either sex 2nd back Spot)