Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

Thank you for visiting Matthew Allen's hobby program page. This page is to let you know about my son's upcoming program . Matthew is starting his own Allen Lines. On this website we will begin advertising his program and give you information as he grows it . Matthew's hobby program will be separate from AGS but he will have the same process of approvals for his early reservation department. His shepherds will be defined on his pages. His lines, at this time, will be called M.A Shepherds, until he gets a Name he desires for his program . Just so you know a little about Matthew. Matthew is a follower of Jesus Christ . His passion has been Shepherds, Music, the Martial Arts and the Family since he was a little boy . He is very disciplined in all he does so you will be blessed to get an M.A Shepherd . Also to help him get a good start I gave Matthew a Shepherd I was offered 5 figures For . Slate Von Allen will be Matthew's Star Shepherd but AGS  will use Slate occasionally in our program. I will be helping my Son in his Start up process in everyway to assure Integrity is followed . I will also be on Point in his program to protect him from the wrong type of Buyers . The M.A program will be of a high Standard program As AGS has been . Matthew is skilled in Basic Ob Training and he may add Training Classes and Courses in the future . For now he will not. His Program will Consist of only A few Females for he is Young and must use all his Time wisely in all the areas he is passionate about . For now you can contact me to learn more. Thank you!!  Eddie Allen .