Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

Xaba is a top female we've imported and she has some of the most stunningly beautiful black/red puppies with solid nerve &  temperament. Her as well as her puppies structure & confirmation are well to be desired. She comes from well known & respected lines such as 

Jango von Panoniansee  ,  VA1(CRO) Arex von Panoniansee

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Her Sire : V5 PAK Sieger 2015 Inter Boghaus IPO1

Her Dam: SG2 FINA od Tiganjice (2008)

Garnet is a 75 lb West German Show line female that has Really Great Deep Red and Black Pigment  ,She as well has a Great pedigree with over 10 V rated Dogs in her 3 gen tree . Garnet Is a Med Drive Female with Nice Anatomy. Contact for more info!

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Her Sire : V Geronimo vom Team Panoniansee IPO 2

Her Dam : V Kada Allemania IPO1

Katana is a 80lb Black and Red West German Show-line ,She is Med High Drive and Very Sound in Temperament, Structure and in her 3 Generation Pedigree you will see her great Grafter Father   VA2 (USA 2010) Jaro von Avenir SCHH3 ,  V, CH Haker Equus IPO1, 4X VA1 (NASS-USA) Teejay von Wilhendorf SCHH3, V3 (ECU) Cafu del Olimpo PAB,And Grandfather  VA3 Danny von Wilhendorf SCHH3, Ne Plus Ultra Abner Ouray Allen and other Nice European Shepherds that are very Nice .Text from more Info 

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                                                                        Her Sire  Abel Von Allen

                                                                        Her Dam  Katana Del Olimpo Ecuado


Minnie  is a Line Breeding of  2x VA1 Remo vom Fichtenschlag SCHH3, IPO3 VA1(HR,SCG) Unix vom Kapellenberg SCHH3, IPO2 VA(HR) Aischa vom Thaipan SCHH2 .Minnie Produces very Nice Pups with Great Pigment and Great Anatomy . Minnie has Great Movement in the ring and did Very well Showing . Minnie is a Import and West German Show line and in standard , She is 75lb . 

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Her Sire : Diego Boghaus

Her Dam : Alisa Boghaus

Sasha is a 90 lb 100 percent West European Show line that has 10 V rated Shepherds in her 3 Generation pedigree with some well know Dogs like  VA6 Nando vom Gollerweiher SCHH3 VA2 (USA 2010) Jaro von Avenir SCHH3 V Baru von Haus Yü SCHH3 VA1 (MAK), VA2 (SRB) Metaxa Od Tiganjice IPO1 and she is a Line Breeding of  VA5 Kevin vom Murrtal SCHH3 .   

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Her Dad : Ne Plus Ultra Abner Ouray Allen

Her Dam: Xaba Boghaus