Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

AGS has a few policies in place that some breeder's may not have, so be sure to thoroughly look over how we do business in areas such as contact info, contract info ,Early Resrvation as well as in this note.

Our Goals at AGS are not the same as all other Breeders so you can read more about us in this Website to Learn our Visions and Goals. We totally understand that we are not for all people and all People are not for us and this is why we Reserve the right  to deny anyone we deem does not fit our Standards and Vision.

At AGS we are a Family Run Breeder. Our God , Family and AG Shepherds are always First and our Customers are loved and appreciated as well, as you will see from our Testiomomy's.

The purpose for our Business Facebook and Website is to assure our customers  have an insight into AGS and also it frees up our Time to spend doing what we love with our shepherds and Raising our Family and so forth.

One Policy that's very high on our priority list is assuring we never expose AGS Pups to any kind of influence that could cause Risk in anyway to our pups or Adult dogs ,other Animals, and as well to Protect you .

After dams are Bred at AGS there is NO showing them under any circumstances-NO EXCEPTIONS.  After weaning the Pups, AGS will not show dams until they Fully come out of what we call  "Recovery". This is where Dams are not exposed to any outside and unnecessary stress and where they're given several types of Vitamins & etc. to insure all of our customers will get the best produced and healthiest pup we can give, in addition to strengthen our females and to help them recover from taking care of those babies.

One of the most important processes in producing exceptional pups has just as much to do with what is done before breeding as well as after breeding, both are equally important .

We never mind showing our shepherds but policies will always be in place. These Policies are only to Protect & as precautions,  as I said above.( Showings of all AG Shepherds are only By Appointments for Reasons pointed out in these Policys )

Also, our time is of the most importance since I am a Very Active Person in Church Functions,  Family Life and as well we Work a 19 ac Ranch with all types of Family Animals .

Another policy I have is, I only Show our Dogs to People that Truly have put an Effort into Reading and searching out our Dogs on Facebook and our Website and are in agreement with our Standards and Policies.

( Our time, just like yours, is important and limited)

Those I can not verify will not be approved nor will I get into greater depth or detail about AGS with those we do not verify as a serious buyer  because as I said our time is very important as is yours!

Serious inquiries are never a waist of our Time but we Believe these First Steps prove you are a serious Customer .

If you have Simple Questions, We are Glad to answer you in a Text or Message on Facebook so you can find out things such as prices and so on.

I must be able to Verify your confessions. Facebook is a good resource  for us to use in confirming Your Name , Place of Residence , what your intentions are for you AGS etc.

We Ask that ALL customers "Like" our Business Facebook. This gives you, the buyer full access to all of our photos and updates concerning current and future breeding etc. Also it allows us access to contact you with any questions, concerns etc.

After such, we then are more than happy to set up Appointments if needed as in our outlined policy.

For added convenience we often post videos and pictures on our Website and Facebook and this is Often more than enough for you to Verify we are what we Confess and What we are Offering here at AGS .

Some Breeders may mislead but we do our Top Best to be totally Transparent.

 Per Request, we send Pictures and Videos to Approved Customers so you are involved as much as possible after your pups Birth .

NO AGS pup is ever Shown in Person or exposed to outside Sources until First Shot and Correct Age and this is a part of our Protection Policy in assuring no exposer or harm knowingly or unknowingly occurs.

ALL AGS pups have the Best Socialization.  Our kids are a big part of that and we do so much with them to get them ready for their new home.

No Customer is allowed Past Show Area unless Special Approval which is in very rare cases, and then there is a process for that for insurance Reasons and to Protect our Soil and Animal Stock .

If you Study the many diseases  that can get in your Soil , and stay in your soil for Years you will be glad AGS is very particular and precautious as we are for your protection and our animals.

There are numerous things that kill, infect and cause sickness.  Yes, ALL AGS Stock have all required shots to protect the Immune System but we also believe it requires more when little ones are born.  

Please Refer to our Help info Page as well .

 Customers are asked to Call Eddie ( 803-729-9780 OR 803-475-2057) to verbally discuss details as well for Approval.

Thank you and God Bless!

Eddie Allen-

Allen German Shepherds