Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

This new page is under construction. Stay tuned for we are not done yet ! (At this time we are not taking applications) 

We do have 19 acres so no AGS ever has to go to a new home. We are perfectly content to never re-home them. But after much prayer, I feel this would be a blessing for all . The Shepherds first, our customers, AND also AGS so as long as it is done properly we will follow through with this process .

Over the next month or so I will be working on this page so please know it is under construction, so stay tuned for more details ! 

Once in a while we will retire shepherds. Our standards will be very high on our shepherds new home . 

Below I will outline Rules and the Adoption process .

1st. We will require a personal visit to our customers homes to be sure this is a good, safe and welcoming placement .

2nd . We will require at the first visit at least 2 hrs for us to bring our retired shepherd to your home, if we see this is not a good fit we reserve the right to refuse the placement .

3rd.  All AGS re-homes will come with a detailed contract that outlines our rules on the placement and this will be gone over before the visit. All AGS retirements will be either neutered or spayed .

4th. The process to get on the list for a retired re-homing could be long. Through the process we will require many phone talks long before we go into the deeper matters of contracts, visits and so on. 

Keep in mind,  that in most cases this will not be a fast process .  

Please Call Eddie to Discuss Adopting Retired AG Shepherds ,Thank You Eddie Allen .