Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

                                                                                                    Are Stud Are From Top European Lines !!   

                                               Abner is Retired                   
This pic is Abner Younger!!
Standing Stud Abner has some of the best European lines in his pedigree such as,
VA2 (USA 2010) Jaro von Avenir ,
VA4 VA1(N) Natz Vom Steigerhof , VA6 Nando vom Gollerweiher
V12 VA1(DK+SP) Yello vom St.-Michaels-Berg
Abner is proven and  produces "The Best Of the Best Pups!"
Ne Plus Ultra Abner Ouray Allen

Abner is a 100 lb sire that is nothing but muscle and his solid structure is like no other. His temperament is carried over into his pups along with his stunning look and impressive size. He also fits the standard show male in measurements so he could've easily been a V rated dog if  I had chosen to show him.    1st pic is When he was Younger ,2nd at Middle Age ,3rd around 5years and 5th pic at 5 Years .He has Gotten More Red as he Ages!!