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"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

Victor Alpha Onyx Abram 

Sire: Margman Yes 


am Havin Vom Furstenbrunn 

Dob :4-16-17

Victor is a Very Nice Onyx Black 100 % West European Show line and most likely the only Margman Yes Son in the USA as of 2019 . He has 6 World Champions in his 3 Generational Tree and you can see this on Pedigreedatebase.


Victor's pups will be sold with FULL REGISTRATION FOR A LIMTED TIME ONLY!!  NOW until 2024 AGS will lift Victor's progeny registration status. His pups will be able to be bred outside of AGS  **litter restrictions apply**

If you previously bought a puppy sired from Victor and you'd like the opportunity to breed contact me now, don't wait!! For an upgrade fee we will lift the registration status for you as well!  For more details please contact me on my cell number via text at first to let me know what you're inquiring about. Don't miss out on this RARE opportunity.

 Victor is 90lbs and has a masculine head type, good Anatomy and Great movement , he will bring an intense pigment to His Progeny. Note:  All his Onyx Black pups will Be Sold At Our Highest Pricing with Not Exception no matter the Spot in Early Reservation . We can Give a Close Price range for His Onyx Pups But nothing Firm on Pricing until Parings Or Mating are Confirmed . Before any Customer is Moved From Early Reservation onto a Pup we will Confirm pricing and you will confirm you are in agreement  . Refer to Early Reservation for all Conduct of Business for more details . All Victors Black and Red Progeny will not be our Normal Average Pricing we send out in Text . Ask for a General price range of His Black and Red Progeny if your a inquire . We Believe he will Continue to produce a Richer Pigment and this is one reason he is a Great access to our Program.       

For More Details on upcoming Litters refer to Early Reservation Department or Text Eddie .Ty 

Click For Victors Mom Pedigree 

Click for Victor's Dad's Pedigree 

New Pics of Victor and his Daughter Black Onyx .Then one of His Black and Red Sons Apollo. ( All Victor Pups are only Sold AKC Limited So we keep his lines in House Only )(All Onyx Blacks will be Sold at our Highest Price)