Allen German Shepherds

"Carrying the Cross for the love of both Shepherds "

Slate Von Allen Is a upcoming Star for 2023 , He is going to be a Huge Male . At 9 months old in this picture he is 100lbs .He is a True Blue in Color , we did not purpose to produce him but Glad we Did for he is Very Rare .We decided to Start a New Signature line at AGS through Him Because of his Good Bloodlines .His Bloodlines Lines are Very Top of the Line Which is very Rare for the True Blues .We are grateful for Fathers plan that is Greater than ours ,we are Glad to Flow with his Vision for AGS.
Slates Father is our Sire Victor , Grandfather  V Margman Yes and Great Grand, V Landos vom Quartier Latin SchH2,and Grandmother  VA 1 (EST)/SG 27 BSZS JHKL 2013 Nika von Nord Traum IPO1 and you can Research there lines . Slates Mother is Garnet Von Allen and Her Sire is V Geronimo vom Team Panoniansee IPO 2 2011,Grandfather  SG Jango von Panoniansee IPO 1 and Grandmother  V Kada Allemania IPO1